Cascade Koi

With over 25 years of experience within the Koi Industry, the Cascade team, headed by Dave Dyson has developed into one of the UK’s leading Koi and Aquatic Outlets. Cascade travel to Japan and Israel to select only the best koi. Cascade are able to offer not only an impressive variety of koi but also a huge selection of koi products, Koi Filtration, Koi Foods, Many koi products to help you build your koi pond and we can give professional koi advice on all aspects of koi keeping. Cascade have Koi & Aquatic Centres in Manchester and also in Harrogate North Yorkshire.



Blanketweed is the curse of most koi and pond keepers.Click here for some great blanket weed products, Evolution Aqua has blanketweed inhibitor, try Goodbye blanketweed or Viresco Koi or maybe Blagdon Blanketweed control unit.

Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy

Probably the best Koi and Pond Filtration in the world. Cascade are the main Northern Agents for Evolution Aqua and use the Nexus Eazy, Eazy Pod, The Answer, K1 kaldnes fluid bed technology and stock most of Evolution Aqua products.

Koi For Sale

Cascade select Japanese Koi and Israeli Koi every year. Cascade only select the very best koi. Koi health, Koi quality are paramount. All koi are acclimatised and only sold when the koi are ready. Try our koi varieties & koi for sale sections.

Aquadyne Bead Filters

Sole Northern Distributors for Aquadyne Pressure Bead Filters. Aquadyne koi pond filtration system gives you unrivalled water quality and low maintenance, come and see the AQUADYNE working. As a Koi Dealer we only use the Aquadyne koi filtration system.

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