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Eazy Pod


A low priced smaller version of the Nexus Eazy, the world’s number-one professional koi filtration system.
The Eazy Pod COMPLETE mechanical and biological filter system for garden ponds up to 20,000 litres or koi ponds up to 10,000 litres....

Evolution Aqua EazyPod     Crystal clear water from Cascade     OUR PRICE
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  • Cascade & Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod...Designed and created due to unprecedented demand
  • Cascade & Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod...Very eazy to install and operate
  • Cascade & Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod...Utilising proven Eazy 200 and Kaldnes K1 media
  • Cascade & Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod...Gives incredibly 'GIN clear' water
  • Cascade & Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod...Quick and eazy cleaning cycle with no wet or dirty hands - JUST TURN AIR VALVE
  • Cascade & Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod...Complete with adjustable rubber connectors - FITS all pipework up to 3 inch - 76mm
  • Cascade & Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod...Small filter - only 23 inches tall AND WIDE (585mm)
  • Cascade & Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod...Works equally well pump or gravity fed
Nexus 2000 Nexus 3000 The Answer
Eazy Pod Airtech 40 Air Pump Airtech 80 Air Pump
Pond Sieve Kaldness K1 Blanketweed Inhibitor
Specification Eazy Pod
Max Feed Rate 100g per day
Max Flow Rate 10,000 litres/hr
2,200 UK gallons/hr
Kaldnes media 30 litres
Max pondsize for ornamental fish20,000 litres
4,400 UK gallons
Recommended Airtech 40
Max pondsize for Koi10,000 litres
2,200 UK gallons
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Thank you for purchasing your new Eazy Pod™ filter. We are sure you will be delighted with its performance. If you are unsure about anything, please consult your Cascade dealer or contact us on 0161 725 8142 or 01765 677 456.

Eazy Pod

The Eazy Pod filtration unit has been designed on the principles of high performance, minimum maintenance and a compact foot print. This design delivers optimum water quality by using Kaldnes K1 media. The concept of the Eazy Pod is based on the world renowned Nexus Eazy system.

Eazy Pod Overview:

The concept is simple and yet innovative. Water enters via the inlet A (fig. 1) and enters the outer chamber B, which runs around the entire circumference of the Pod. Between B and the central chamber C, is a stainless steel perforated screen. These perforations are situated in the lower half of the screen and around its entire face. This means that when the water passes from the outer to inner chamber (B to C), a downward flow is created. This causes many of the larger solids to settle in the base of the outer chamber, due to the force of gravity.

Click here to download the Eazy Pod Installation and Operating Instructions

Eazy Pod

The size of the perforations will not allow large mechanical waste to enter the central chamber, thus acting as a first stage mechanical filter. The central chamber holds 30 litres of static K1 media. As the water enters the central chamber, the fine smaller solids become entrapped in the K1. After passing through the K1 media, the clean water then rises and overflows into the inner return pipe D of the Pod. From here it returns to the pond via the return outlet E.

The Eazy Pod filtration system gives water quality and clarity that surpasses all expectations. The nature and volume of the K1 media means, that when static, apart from being a very efficient mechanical filter, there is more than enough surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonise. Therefore on a smaller pond, the Pod is an excellent complete filter.

Please note that in normal running, the K1 has to be static – it is only moved during cleaning and maintenance. If the K1 is moved in normal operation, whether by air or by hand, all of the debris it has collected will be returned to the pond! The K1 is cleaned and moved by connecting an air pump to the airline in the Pod, which in turn goes to an air ring in the base of chamber C. This has small holes, which cause the K1 to move and therefore clean itself. During the cleaning cycle, the finer particles escape into chamber B from the K1. This wastewater can then be dumped via a 1.5 inch/40mm ball valve F.

Eazy Pod

Please check the table to make sure you run your Pod within the specified limits to achieve best results.

The ‘new’ Pod is truly multi-functional. It can be run in several different ways for different applications.

The Pod can be used:

  • as a complete filter on a quarantine system
  • as a pre-filter at the front of any new or existing system
  • as a polisher at the end of any system
  • off a mid water feed to aid mechanical filtration
  • on a skimmer line as a mechanical filter
Eazy Pod

Remember that if you use the Pod solely as a mechanical filter, you will also get an enhanced biological benefit in your system.

Eazy Pod Specifications and Flow Rates

Follow this manual carefully and your filter will provide a perfect environment for your fish. One of the factors that can have a significant influence on our ponds is the turn over rate. This is the time that it takes for the total water volume of the pond to pass through the filter system once. On Eazy Pod ponds, where is used as the only filtration system, a total pond volume turn over of every 2 hours is found to be best. Therefore if you have a 10,000 litre koi pond, a flow rate of 5,000 litres per hour is ideal. On an ornamental pond of 20,000 litres, 10,000 litres per hour is the maximum flow rate and is ideal for that size and type of pond. The lower the flow rate you use, the better the performance will be - as long as it does not result in a turn over rate of more than two hours.

Max flow rate: 10,000 litres/hr 2,200 UK gallons/hr 2,640 US gallons/hr
Max koi pond size: 10,000 litres / 2,200 UK gallons / 2,666 US gallons
Max ornamental pond size (goldfish, shubumkins etc): 20,000 litres / 4,400 UK gallons
Kaldnes K1: 30 litres
Max feed rate: 100-120g per day
Recommended air pump: Airtech 40 or Airtech 40e

Nexus 2000 Nexus 3000 The Answer
Eazy Pod Airtech 40 Air Pump Airtech 80 Air Pump
Pond Sieve Kaldness K1 Blanketweed Inhibitor


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