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Nexus Eazy

The launch of 2 new lines will dramatically improve the performance and ease of maintenance of all Nexus models. They are the new Nexus Eazy and the Nexus 2000/3000 range.What this means is that whether pump or gravity fed, using an Answer or not, we now have more efficient and more user friendly solutions for everyone.

We have worked tirelessly to replace the central foam that was an excellent polisher, but it was after all, 'a foam' and needed maintenance. In some conditions of heavy fouling, Nexus Eazyit was difficult to clean.We have been developing an exciting and effective product called the Eazy. I know you will be amazed at its performance, design, build quality, price and the clean water it delivers. It is extremely 'eazy' and "clean" to maintain, has minimal running costs, is designed and built to last for life. Great news, available as retro fit for existing customers.

By using all of Evolution Aqua's knowledge and experience in product design and development as well as manufacturing and engineering, the Nexus Filtration System revolutionises the way ponds are filtered. The Nexus is a cleverly combined mechanical and biological filter creating an effective, high performance filtration system delivering superb water quality and clarity for ponds from 4,500 to 34,000 litres*.

Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy200     Nexus Gives Gin Clear Water     OUR PRICE
Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy300     Nexus Gives Gin Clear Water     OUR PRICE

Reasons why your Nexus filter choice for 2006 will be EASY

  • Cascade and Nexus Eazy…. superb water clarity and quality
  • Cascade and Nexus Eazy…. exceptionally Eazy and pleasurable to clean
  • Cascade and Nexus Eazy…. Eazy Nexus retro fit in a matter of minutes
  • Cascade and Nexus Eazy…. fantastic prices for NEW Nexus ranges
  • Cascade and Nexus Eazy…. low running costs
  • Cascade and Nexus Eazy…. works extremely well on pump or gravity fed systems

Nexus Eazy 200/300 Range Brochure (pdf)

Nexus Eazy 200/300 Installation Manual (pdf)

Eazy Retro Fit Manual (pdf)

Nexus 2000 Nexus 3000 The Answer
Eazy Pod Airtech 40 Air Pump Airtech 80 Air Pump
Pond Sieve Kaldness K1 Blanketweed Inhibitor

Kaldnes K1

Cascade Koi

K1 fluid bed media has a surface area of 800sqm per cubic metre.Fluidized by air providing maximum effective removal of ammonia nitrite.Use approx 30% of chamber capacity. Kaldnes Moving Bed™ process, which has been scientifically tried and tested in fish farming and waste water treatment for over 10 years, is now by Evolution Aqua.

How it works...

The Eazy is a stainless steel vessel containing a volume of static K1 media which is located within the centre chamber of the Nexus.Water enters the centre chamber and then enters the Eazy via slots in the lower half of the unit. This results in a downward flow causing many of the larger solids to settle out prior to entering the Eazy. The size of the slots will not allow large mechanical waste to enter the cylinder thus acting as a first stage mechanical filtration. The water then passes through the static K1 media utilising up and side flow and this process causes the fine solids to become entrapped.The mechanically clean water then passes to the outside chamber of the Nexus where the Kaldnes moving bed™ is located for biological treatment prior to being returned to the pond.


The Nexus Eazy is extremely 'eazy' and pleasurable to clean.The water pump is switched off and an air valve is operated which diverts air from the main Nexus air ring into the base of the Eazy.This causes the K1 media to be agitated and cleaned vigorously.As this happens the captured particles are flushed out into the central chamber of the Nexus, allowing you to see the amount of waste that has been filtered out. Once the K1 media has been agitated for a sufficient period, the water in the central chamber is flushed to waste using the purge valve provided at the base of the Nexus. Once clean, the air flow is re-directed back to the main air ring and the system started again.The whole process from start to finish can take less than two minutes. No high pressure pumps are needed unlike pressurised systems, there are no running costs and the media can be visually checked that it is 100% clean after a maintenance cycle, unlike closed systems. Its simple,clean,'eazy' to do and actually enjoyable!

Nexus 2000 Nexus 3000 The Answer
Eazy Pod Airtech 40 Air Pump Airtech 80 Air Pump
Pond Sieve Kaldness K1 Blanketweed Inhibitor

Aquadyne Bead Filters

Sole Northern Distributors for Aquadyne Pressure Bead Filters. Aquadyne koi pond filtration system gives you unrivalled water quality and low maintenance, come and see the AQUADYNE working. As a Koi Dealer we only use the Aquadyne koi filtration system.

Koi Food

Cascade have developed our own koi & pond fish foods for 15 years. Super XL koi food is our best selling koi food  and launching an awesome new koi food in 2007. Watch this space, Cascade also stock Hikari Koi Foods, Medikoi Koi Foods, Shingoi Koi Foods. Tetra koi foods.

Koi For Sale

Cascade select Japanese Koi and Israeli Koi every year. Cascade only select the very best koi. Koi health, Koi quality are paramount. All koi are acclimatised and only sold when the koi are ready. Try our koi varieties & koi for sale sections.


Blanketweed is the curse of most koi and pond keepers.Click here for some great blanket weed products, Evolution Aqua has blanketweed inhibitor, try Goodbye blanketweed or Viresco Koi or maybe Blagdon Blanketweed control unit.

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