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A filter is an essential piece of equipment as this processes the waste from the fish and keeps the water healthy and clear. Fish only systems have more basic filtration needs whereas ‘reef’ aquaria need very complicated external filters or ‘live-rock’ filtration. Speak to our staff at Cascade for advice. Make sure you get a filter suitable for your tank, as this is the life-support system for your fish and invertebrates.

Most marine aquaria have a protein skimmer installed. This very useful piece of kit uses minute air bubbles to strip fish wastes out of the water and helps the filter to keep the water healthy and clear. There are many types available and they are an incredibly useful addition to the vast majority of marine aquaria.

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This is one of the biggest parts of the tank to get right, filtration in a marine tank should make the water so clean that you could drink it. In a freshwater tank there is a definite cycle of ammonia-nitrite-nitrate, but in a marine tank we are able to go another step and process nitrate to its gas form, by using anaerobic bacteria and understanding what conditions this bacteria need to thrive will result in a virtually nitrate free system and its completely natural.

The berlin system is what most people tent to opt for, its the use of a skimmer and live rock to perform most if not all of the tanks filtration needs, a concentration of 1-2lbs of live rock is needed, and a good skimmer, after that there is no real need to purchase expensive external filters.

The live rock will cycle a tank and carry out all stages of filtration, the only thing that's really needed to make the berlin system work well is flow, water needs to be pushed through the rocks in order for the bacteria to have access to it, it also lends itself to be combined with a deep sand bed for total coverage from all angles.

Marine Fish

External Canister Filtration

The Fluval 05 Series incorporates user-friendly elements to help facilitate and speed up filter set up. Now, when you want to know how difficult the filter is to set up and maintain, the answer is: it’s simple

Marine Fish


Eliminate the guesswork. The Fluval User Manual DVD walks you through installation, maintenance and filter media considerations in a clear, easy-to-follow manner. This DVD works hand-in-hand with a convenient Quick-Start Guide and a User Manual Book that has simple directives and clear images to guide you through the various steps, while providing the information you require to successfully use the product and maximize its effectiveness.


No more sitting around trying to figure out which piece goes where. The assorted parts come pre-assembled on a card so that you can clearly identify the components. The Intake Strainer is already pre-affixed to the Intake Tube, and both the Intake Tube and Output Nozzle have Rubber Hose Adapters on them - just cut the hosing, attach, and it’s ready to go!


For increased strength, durability and ultimate quality, glass fibers have been incorporated into the filter canister housing.


Clamps are now reinforced with glass fibers for maximum strength and durability. CAM-action technology facilitates opening and closing for ease of maintenance and accessibility, and to securely lock motor housing in place.


Easy-to-use rim connector assembly slides onto and snaps together instantly for extra-quick set-up. The sleek, new connector system can be relied on to hold the intake and output hosing securely in place without being awkward or bulky.


Promotes the capture of large debris in an innovative way that prevents clogging, reduces maintenance and helps ensure that filter operation is rarely impeded. The new design is also safer for fish. With a larger diameter and extended ribs, the water flow around the strainer is slower, preventing fish from being sucked onto the strainer.


Fluval’s proprietary AquaStopTM valve creates an airtight and watertight seal so that hosing can be disconnected without breaking the vacuum. This means that the system can be started up again without the need for priming after routine maintenance, offering unparalleled convenience and ease of use. The AquaStopTM lever can also be used to reduce water flow without harming the motor or its components.


For convenient, simple and quick filter start-up. No need for manual siphoning.

Marine Fish

Protien Skimmers

Marine Fish

A protein skimmer or foam fractionator is a device used mostly in saltwater aquaria to remove organic compounds from the water before they break down into nitrogenous waste. Protein skimming is the only form of filtration that physically removes organic compounds before they begin to decompose, lightening the load on the biological filter and improving the water's redox potential.
A Protein Skimmer is a very important tool in reducing the amount of dissolved organic material in the aquarium water. This material consists of protein fragments and other waste, which assemble at air/water surfaces. Protein skimming (also called foam fractionation) can be considered as a form of mechanical filtration, since it is a physical process of removing substances from water, without any chemical or biological action. While a mechanical or pre-filter removes particles, a Protein Skimmer removes suspended or dissolved organic waste and invisible particles from the aquarium water. The advantage of Protein Skimming lies however in the fact that waste material is continuously removed, separating it from the water flow. Efficient removal of dissolved waste helps to reduce the amount of harmful floating bacteria, reduce the yellow discoloration of your aquarium water, limit nitrate and phosphate build up, and prevent the development of slime algae.

Red Sea Prizm and Prizm Pro Protein Skimmers

Prizm Features

  • Red Sea and Cascade Prizm Protein Skimmer is ; Designed for Hang-on and Sump installations
  • Red Sea and Cascade Prizm Protein Skimmer is Skim-enhancing, convergent-divergent reaction chamber with “Triple-pass” air flow
  • Red Sea and Cascade Prizm Protein Skimmer has an 18-blade “Turbojet” air injector - generates a constant stream of micro-bubbles in a homogenous air/water mixture
  • Red Sea and Cascade Prizm Protein Skimmer has a Flow regulator optimizes the skimming action for all aquarium conditions
  • Red Sea and Cascade Prizm Protein Skimmer. Includes external water pump
  • Red Sea and Cascade Prizm Protein Skimmer is Ideal for both new and experienced marine aquarists
  • Red Sea and Cascade Prizm Protein Skimmer is User-friendly operation and set-up

The Prizm is sized and priced to deliver the absolute best results for the serious hobbyist while remaining very affordable.  Incorporating all of the benefits described above the Prizm is without a doubt the best skimmer available today for any aquarium up to 100 gallons.  The Prizm is an ideal starting point for anyone setting up a new tank or interested in maximizing the results on their existing aquarium.  The Prizm can be easily upgraded to a Deluxe version with the purchase of an upgrade kit.

The slim line profile (only 2.4” wide) allows the Prizm to be discretely hung on behind the aquarium or on the side of the sump, with it’s fully submersible motor it can even be placed inside the sump! The numerous advantages of the Prizm make this the ideal skimmer of choice for the serious hobbyist.

The Prizm Pro Deluxe is an “upgraded” version of the regular Prizm Pro and includes all of the unique benefits of the Prizm Pro plus it incorporates two enhanced options.  A surface skimmer attachment is included which is an important incorporation because roughly 70% of accumulated protein and waste material in an aquarium are in the top 1” of the water. The surface skimmer attachment allows for the top surface water to be drawn into the water inlet pipe of the skimmer, so you are constantly removing the maximum amount of waste from the aquarium. 
This upgrade alone will provide significant increases in protein and waste removal.

The second upgrade is the inclusion of a refillable media basket. This basket can be filled with either biological or chemical media to obtain the desired results. The basket is easily refillable and allows you to change the type of media according to your needs. Placed in the water outflow chamber the basket comes into contact with virtually all of the water as it passes out of the skimmer. The use of the media basket turns your skimmer into a full purpose filter for most marine aquariums.

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Starting With Marine Fish

Cascade has grown its Marine fish and Invertibrate section and both branches now offer Quality Marine fish and Invertibrates. We quarantine all our marine fish and only sell healthy feeding marine fish.

Marine Filtration

Cascade stock filters from Hagen, Interpet, Aqua One. We can advise on all aspects of marine filtration. Internal filters, Power Skimmers, External filters and Ultra Violet steralisers to keep your marine system running smoothly.

Red Sea Max Reef System

The Red Sea MAX is a fully featured, plug-and-play reef aquarium designed to make reef keeping easier, more fun and more successful.

Treatments and Diseases

Information about the reasons behind different saltwater fish diseases and how to avoid them, treat them and – if possible – cure them. Some of the most commonly occurring fish diseases in saltwater aquariums are Marine Velvet, Marine White Spot Disease.

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