Heating for Marine Aquarium

Marine Fish

The heater is vital to the well being of your fish, as it controls the temperature of the tank. Tropical fish generally need a temperature of between 24 – 27ºC. All Cascade heaters from Hagen, Interpet, Aqua One are designed to accurately maintain the tank temperature at the desired level, incorporating an easy to use dial with which the temperature can be set. There are two types of heater - bi-metallic and electronic.

Bi-metallic heaters – such as the Thermal Compact and Pre-Set ranges – are easily adjustable, and can be conveniently hidden from view. Electronic heaters, such as Tronic, harness modern technology to control temperature more accurately.

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Starting With Marine Fish

Cascade has grown its Marine fish and Invertibrate section and both branches now offer Quality Marine fish and Invertibrates. We quarantine all our marine fish and only sell healthy feeding marine fish.

Marine Filtration

Cascade stock filters from Hagen, Interpet, Aqua One. We can advise on all aspects of marine filtration. Internal filters, Power Skimmers, External filters and Ultra Violet steralisers to keep your marine system running smoothly.

Red Sea Max Reef System

The Red Sea MAX is a fully featured, plug-and-play reef aquarium designed to make reef keeping easier, more fun and more successful.

Treatments and Diseases

Information about the reasons behind different saltwater fish diseases and how to avoid them, treat them and – if possible – cure them. Some of the most commonly occurring fish diseases in saltwater aquariums are Marine Velvet, Marine White Spot Disease.

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