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Cascade can make water gardening easy with advice on Waterfalls, Pond Filtration, Build your pond with help from Pond Construction, Learn more with our Pond Calendar,Plant your pond with Lilies & Plants, Beat Blanketweed and Pond Parasites with help in our Treatments section.

Nowadays almost every homeowner can include some form of pond or water feature in their garden. Even if space is very limited, a patio or even a conservatory can accommodate a spouting ornament or a pebble pool.

These smaller features are also an excellent ‘child-safe’ option for younger households.

Glass, metal, canvas, mirrors nowadays these materials are as much a part of garden design as flowers, shrubs and trees. But there is no doubt that water adds a special dimension and today’s garden designers make full use of its potential to create stunning ponds and amazing effects.



Blanketweed is the curse of most koi and pond keepers.Click here for some great blanket weed products, Evolution Aqua has blanketweed inhibitor, try Goodbye blanketweed or Viresco Koi or maybe Blagdon Blanketweed control unit.


Cascade are leaders in Pond filtration products. We stock Laguna, Hozelock, Eazy Pod, Nexus Eazy, Aquadyne bead filters. Cascade can give expert advice on all filtration for your koi pond or water garden project.

Pond Liners

The most common method of koi and pond construction is with a butyl pond liner.
Cascade sell Butyl pond liner, Pvc pond liner. Online Shopping at KoiBitz gets the best Butyl and Pvc pond liner prices in the UK.

Pond Pumps

Cascade offer a vast selection of Pond pumps for watergardening, waterfalls, filtration
Call into one of our branches for Expert advice on all aspects of pond pumps and filtration. We stock pond pumps from Laguna, Hozelock, Oase, Blagdon.

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